At last – Using This Time to Write is now open to enrolled students. I've been waiting to bring this to you and I beside myself that you can finally get in. So I'll shut up and you can get cracking. Click on Night One Video in the Course Curriculum below.

If you didn't get to enrol in time for this particular course, there are others coming on making time to write, blogging for authors, researching for writers, and a great many more. Add yourself to my mailing list to be notified as those come out.

“This course has honestly changed my life. In five weeks, my novel has grown from 15,000 words to 60,000. If that isn’t a huge success, I don’t know what is.”

  • student on March 2020’s “Making Time to Write”

You don't have to write during this COVID-19 lockdown, but you want to –– and it will help you. Here's how to focus, get started, and keep going.

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